We hope you have had a wonderful experience from the moment you saw your dog all the way through adoption.  Our goal is to place dogs in loving forever homes and we wish you and your new pet many happy years together.  Please keep in touch with us - provide updates, pictures anything you'd like to share, we would like to hear.  Our adoption fee covers (hopefully) vetting for your dog, but our true payment comes in the form of updates, pictures, stories of our dogs with you.  There is nothing like being there when they come home from the shelter, come off the streets - and then seeing them finally where they truly belong, with their adopters, we are so grateful to all the fosters and adopters who let us do this.     

We would love the opportunity to hear your thoughts about our adoption process, while it is fresh in your mind.  We are volunteers and put our heart and souls into this rescue, and if something isn't working, we want to know.  Please take a moment to complete this survey about your experience adoption through Wilson Animal Rescue.  

With sincere appreciation for choosing to adopt, we thank you.

Ashley Sansom
Jane Finneran
Teri Barber


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