Wilson Animal Rescue is a 100% volunteer-run, foster-based rescue group in Memphis, Tennessee.

We focus on rescuing dogs who are in danger of being euthanized at the city's run shelter and other mid-south shelters. We strive to place dogs in loving homes not only locally, but in cities in the Midwest and New England areas.

We keep in touch with our adopters - and not everyone who applies for a dog gets one. We say no as much as we say yes. We are looking for people who feel the same way about their dogs as we do - that they are family and bringing one into your home is a major commitment.

We also appreciate it takes a tremendous amount of trust to adopt a dog before meeting - trust on behalf of the adopter and trust from our fosters. They have to trust that we are sending the dog, who they have loved, to a wonderful new home. This trust is ever present in our minds and not something we take lightly, so we are happy to answer adopters questions. Please do, however remember that we are 100% volunteer run - we have jobs and families and we do our very best to respond as quickly as we can to all inquiries and follow up questions.

We have two vets we use primarily - Cloverleaf Animal Clinic and Walnut Grove Animal Clinic - they are both located in Memphis. Please feel free to call either of their clinics if you are interested in a reference for our rescue.




We rescue because there are 2.7 million shelter dogs euthanized each year in the United States.  To us, this is an unacceptable number and one we can certainly change.  Rescue is something we have done our whole lives, long before it was called rescue.  Helping a stray animal by providing shelter, getting a dog out of harm's way, providing a temporary home to a pet in need, this is rescue.  We love dogs and know that rescue truly is the best breed.  



A big thank you to all of our adopters for giving these dogs a second chance.